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Looking like an idiot, for knowledge!

Dancing like a fool never felt so useful. I recently had the chance to play with a motion capture suit from Perception Neuorn and it was well worth the humiliation of looking like a dork in front of strangers. For about $1,500, you can get yourself this fairly accurate suit that connects to your computer via WiFi. Instead of tracking movement via reflective dots and cameras, the Neuron suit uses a bunch of little nodes packed with accelerometers, gyroscopes and magnetometers (oh my).


Nodes snap into key points along the elastic and Velcro frame

The results are pretty good, with only the occasional jitter.  However, not having cameras in the mix causes the feet to loose their accuracy along the ground, leading to a little unintentional moonwalking. But for the price, it’s hard to complain too much.

As far as motion capture suits go, the Perception Neuron is reasonably comfortable. And since there are no cameras to worry about, you could potentially wear it under clothing for tracking actors in real time. This could accelerate post-processing workflows like rotoscoping.



Thank you to Seattle based VR developer, Lou Ward, for supplying the Neuron Suit as well as Tim Reha at CNDY Factory for taking the photos!

Video of the motion tracking data in Cinema 4D.


Bringing in the tracking data to Unity, for playback on a VR headset.

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