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(Scripted, shot, animated, edited by Cody Char)

Saving the Olympic Oyster

Dr. Bonnie Becker and her marine ecology students hope to save an endangered oyster and restore some of the Puget Sound's former glory.

Pathways to Promise

Getting into a world-class university doesn't have to be complicated. See why in this animated TV spot.

Bettery Kick Starter Campaign

The battery as we know it is a very old technology. Bettery hopes to change that.

Sharon Hunter - Medalist Intro

Raising two kids as a single mother, Sharon never considered herself "scholar material." She proved herself wrong.

New Staff - Campus Tour

Here are a few things to know if you are new staff or faculty starting at UW Tacoma.

The Art of Rowing

A group of students team up to honor UW's olympic champian rowing crew through art.

25 Years of UW Tacoma

Shown at the University of Washington 25th graduation ceremony as a celebration of its growth and accomplishments.

Caleb Horst - Medalist Intro

The mark of an excellent student is not only in their drive for personal growth but in their passion to help others.

An Afternoon With Toast

So I made a video starring my cat... Get over it. It's perfectly normal.

Peer Advisors - Intro

This one has teleporting fairies that help students out.

Peer Advisors - Career Development

This one has teleporting fairies AND dinosaurs!

Peer Advisors - Health Clinic

This one has a teleporting fairy who will take you out for shots.

Daffodil Parade Event Teaser

Ok ok, I didn't shoot this one. But with footage sourced by a local historian, I was able to concoct a special (not so historically accurate) parade invitation.

Convocation - Event Teaser

What is the annual Convocation event like? Have a look!

My 7,000 Pound Baby

After lots of advocating, found raising and designing, I'm proud to say that UW Tacoma now has its very own W statue. Here is a video I whipped up (and even narrated) to thank fellow donors of the project.


(Stuff I create with friends)

72 Hour Film Race

What if the time-traveling robot who saved your life overstayed his welcome? "Best of" award winner at the Grand Cinema film race.

100 Hour Film Race

A man struggles to confront the reality of his crime.


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